Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tiny Heartbreaker

I've loved seeing everyone's back to school pictures these past few weeks. Everyone in their new school clothes and adorable little backpacks.
And while the kids all look excited (or occasionally, none too thrilled that Mom is taking that picture) I can now identify with what the lady behind the lens is going through.


There are two ways a child's first day can go, whether its pre-school, kindergarten or in Henry's case a 2-day a week nursery school program.

Scenario 1: You drop your kid off kicking and screaming and in tears.
Scenario 2: He's very excited and doesn't even look back.

We fell into the latter category. I walked Henry in, and he was immediately taken by the new kids and teachers. I took a few pictures and snuck out, but he didn't even look to me for a little reassurance.

I have mixed feelings. I'm so proud to have raised a little man who isn't afraid of new experiences. A little man who doesn't need to hold mommy's hand when he meets new people. A little man who seems to LOVE school. When I picked him up on the first day he was all smiles. So confident looking in his little backpack and "Flag Holder" name tag. I smiled the whole drive home with pride at my independent little man.

But he also broke my heart a little. Henry has been my whole life for over two years now, and he didn't even need a hug goodbye.

But I did.

Yes, now I know what that lady behind the lens is going through. She's wanting a tiny hand to hold from the smallest heartbreaker she's ever met.

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  1. Oh momma... it gets easier, and it gets harder. I remember Zoe's first day of preschool like it was yesterday. Day 1 she was fine and excited. She ran from me and didn't look back. I sat in my car and cried for 10 minutes. Day 2 she was less excited to leave and that lasted for about a week. But for a week I sat in the car and cried after I left her.

    Since then my daughter has grown into a thoughtful and independent woman who traveled, by herself, to Thailand at 15 and Africa at 17. On Thursday of this week we drop her off at college. I know it will be much harder for me than for her.

    As a very wise friend said to me recently: you give them roots and then you give them wings. Your little man will do just fine. And so will you. Just ask your mom. She clearly got it right.