Friday, October 4, 2013

Favorite Things Round Up- September

I've recently started posting one product and one book every week or so in the top left of the sidebar. These are products that I've tried myself and since I love them, I thought I'd share them with you. Every month or so I plan on a post like this, a product round-up to describe just why I love them! And with the holidays around the corner, you can get a head start on your shopping! You can find an ongoing list of my favorite things Books and Products I Love tab at the top of the page.

Now lets get to the fun part.


The Little Prince An all-time favorite of mine. It was the first book I read to Henry, and will be the first one I read to this little prince! 5/5 STARS
Midwives Probably not something I should have read while I was nearing birth, but this will make you appreciate modern medicine, while also showing just how amazing the human body is on its own. 3.5/5 STARS
The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel An easy, magical read. Like a quick, grown-up Harry Potter. 4/5 STARS


Steam Train, Dream Train I LOVE reading imaginative, rhyming books with beautiful pictures... the cadence is perfect for bedtime. Henry loves "choo-choos" so this has become a fast favorite.

Critter Hoodies (not shown, but you can see my son in his here) from Old Navy are adorable! I'm obsessed with them, and have to say, my son sure does make one darling raccoon.


Bella Cucina 12-Piece Rocket Blender-A friend recently asked for a recommendation on a bullet-type blender. This one is cheaper than the bullet. I've had mine going on three years, and I use it all the time!
Twirl-a-Tie Tie Holder I think the nesting instinct has kicked in. Two weeks ago I organized my husband's side of the closet, and these little babies are cheap and so perfect. They hold 20 ties each and look great!

Fair warning: I've recently become a member of Amazon Prime. And I highly recommend it! Need diapers? Wipes? Dog Food? It's on your doorstep in two days, with free shipping and no minimum order. Super convenient if you have your hands full. They also offer free movies and TV shows to stream and you can borrow selected books for free from the Kindle Library, and they always have something good! You can join Amazon Prime here. So you'll notice I often link to Amazon, because chances are-- I just ordered it from there!

Note: I've also become an Amazon Associate, so anytime something links to Amazon, if you click through to purchase it I make a small commission. Any products that were sent to me to review, I will make note of, but I promise to show off only the things I truly love.

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  1. I'll second the Amazon Prime note and also add that if you are good about scheduling your necessities in advance, Amazon Mom can save some additional cash on baby products.