Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Baby Business

Babies have a way of very quickly letting you know that they are in charge. And this baby is letting me know before he even arrives.
40 weeks. Baby watch commences.
With Henry I was induced a week early, so I really didn't have to wait on him at all. But baby number two is a whole different ballgame, and here I am closing out on my due date. Of course I realize a due date is an estimate, and a baby is ready when he is ready... but patience has never really been a virtue of mine. Which is why I really thought the baby would have made his arrival by now...

But he hasn't. Because he's in charge.

It's still up in the air who he's taking after. He's either:

A. Stubborn like his Mama.


B. Taking his sweet time like Daddy.

But I've had a lot of fun with my Facebook friends and family lately asking the following questions:
How do you get labor going?
When did your little one arrive in relation to your due date?
What one word would you use to describe your labor?

Here's a little infographic with all the answers...

What oh-so-scientific conclusions can I draw from this? Everyone may be different, but every baby sure is in charge!

 photo postdividerarrow_zpse2e76c02.jpg

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