Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips for Registering for Baby

Can you tell I'm in baby mode lately? It seems like so many people I know are pregnant (which I LOVE!) Including one of my very best friends who is due this January (yay!) After texting back and forth a gazillion times she was said, "Why don't you just do the registering for me!?"

The point is-- knowing what you need can be overwhelming. And you won't really know what's right for you until you experience baby for yourself. Not to mention, everyone's different. But, since you asked... here's my advice.

Oh you didn't ask? You're getting it anyways.

DO Register for a lot of Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets (2-3 packs of 4.) You don't need any others. These are great for swaddling, covering up to breastfeed, or just to lay on the ground. Any other "receiving blankets" or "swaddling cloths" that weren't Aiden & Anais brand just ended up as burp clothes in our house.

DON'T Register for clothes. If you think something is cute, just buy it for your baby. People will buy you the clothes they think are cute anyways, so don't clutter up your registry. Let them focus on the items you really need. (Yes, of course baby really needs clothes-- trust me he will get them!)

DO Register for at 3-4 crib sheets and 2 mattress pads. Because there will be nights where you find yourself changing the bedding more than once...

DON'T worry about getting the expensive bedding set (bumper, quilt, crib skirt, etc.) You can't use a lot of it for a long time anyways... One cute quilt as an accent in the nursery is enough.

DO register for diapers and wipes, the discount helps!

DON'T register for baby towels and washcloths.This may be my opinion, but using a regular sized towel was always so much easy for me, and those dinky baby washcloths never held up (most ended up in my cleaning stash.)

DO get a Boppy. And an extra cover. They are great.

DON'T go crazy with pacifiers. Chances are you will need a lot, but babies can be picky in the department, so figure out what he likes before you stock up.

DO get an Itzbeen. You can time contractions while waiting for baby, and time everything else once baby arrives (sometimes its hard to remember how long its been since the last feeding when you are averaging 4 hours of sleep...)

DON'T worry about bibs. You will wind up with so. many. bibs.

DO fall in love with the BabyGanics line of cleaners. It is all great.

DON'T worry about getting a big, expensive diaper bag. Just find a great bag, with lots of pockets and room-- in your budget! Skip-Hop and Adelina Madelina have some cute stuff, but also remember it doesn't have to be branded as a diaper bag to work!

DO get an Amazon Prime membership. And if you're really organized you can sign up for the Amazon Mom program. It's just so convenient to say "Oh, I need diapers!" and there they are two days later and you didn't even have to leave the house. Or shower.

Of course you'll do your own research and decide whats right for you in all of this and in the bigger categories (stroller, car seats, high chair, bouncer, swings, etc!) But these are my thoughts! If you have a question, feel free to comment!

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