Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lessons From Littles

They may have only been around for a few weeks or months, but babies have a lot to teach us. Here are some big, yet simple ideas inspired by tiny people.

Photo Credit: Tiny Bubbles Photography

1. The importance of stretching. When is the last time you gave yourself a minute for a full body stretch when you woke up? Babies have this mastered, and look infinitely sweet doing it. Try it tomorrow. It'll do wonders for your morning routine.

2. We have very, very few basic needs. What do babies do all day? Eat, sleep, poop and cuddle. I think we take the first three with us rather easily as we grow up. But, let us not forget the importance of a good cuddle.

3. A little smile can go a long way to those around you. I'll be honest, it's tough getting up at 3AM to nurse a crying little nugget. But every now and then I'll get that tiny, adorable half-smile from him, and my heart just melts. Laughter is good, too.

4. Never lose your sense of curiosity. There is always, always, always something more to learn and appreciate in this world. Never stop learning.

5. Milestones are important. When you are baby it starts simpl
y, but happens often: first smile, first laugh, first steps. But as we grow up these milestones get further apart. Set milestones for yourself regularly. Get excited when you reach them and never stop celebrating.

6. Communication is key. Verbal communication is important... yes. But babies have a completely non-verbal way of communicating... so don't forget non-verbal communication can speak volumes, too.

7. Eye contact. Babies have this intense little gaze that will reach your soul if you let it. Good eye contact will get you far.

8. We were all helpless once. It's so easy to recognize a person in their baby pictures, but it's impossible to do the opposite and imagine a baby as an adult. I look at my sons and think Who will you be? What kind of person will you become? Somewhere, at this moment, a mother is nursing a future president. Elsewhere, a dad is cleaning up a poop explosion from the next generation's top CEO. And another parent is shushing, swaying and patting the back of a little one, in a dance only new parents can master... a little one who will grow up to solve one of the world's greatest dilemmas. We all start small and helpless, destined to grow into someone worthwhile. It's never too late to become the person you were meant to be.

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