Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree...

This year our tree is a little more on the Charlie Brown end of the spectrum, if you know what I mean.

We found the nearest you-cut tree farm last weekend and headed out. And the trees were all on the weak side. But, it's been a tradition for us since our first apartment to go out and cut down a real tree. Not to mention we had both kids out, bundled up and relatively happy, which is a feat in itself. So there was no thought of well let's just go look somewhere else. Those are only thoughts you can have when you don't yet have children...

Anyways we found the best of the bunch I'd say...

We cut it down, they labeled it with our initials, and they took it to get shaken and netted. In the meantime we found a tree that had already been cut that pretty much looked like this:

You know what I mean. Beautiful and full and PERFECT. And less money. According to the tag it was trucked in from North Carolina.

I want this one. I told Mark. Its the perfect tree.

Mark: But we already cut one down.

Me: Let's just get this one, no one will know that other one is ours.

Mark: I'll know. I want a locally grown tree. We cut it down. I'm attached.

And that was pretty much the end of that. So here we are... I guess I always liked Charlie Brown anyways...

Everyone has a tree story... of THAT year with THAT tree. What's yours?

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