Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toddler Activity: Pom Ornament

I love the holidays in part because of all the traditions. Many I've carried over from my childhood, and we've started some of our own as well.

One of the older traditions comes from my great-grandmother, who used to make us an ornament every year until she passed away. Last year I started the same tradition. I plan to make ornaments for all of my great grandchildren, too. But since I'm not quite at the great-grandmother stage yet, I'll settle for all of our immediate family.

Last year, I LOVED the melted snowman ornament. But this year, I wanted to try something Henry could help with.

A couple laps around the craft store and I found it:

What you'll need:
Plastic Ornaments
Multi Colored Poms
Miniature bells
Puff Paint (optional)
Glitter (optional)

This is a great motor-skill activity for your toddler. Simply have him stuff the poms and bells into the plastic ornaments. Then (most likely while he's napping,) add names or initials with puff paint to the ornaments. Sprinkle with glitter if you are feeling fancy! I also like to glue the ornament closure down, in case little hands find their way to the ornament later.

Yes, that's a pile of Amazon boxes in the background.
At this point they are arriving faster than I can open them.
Henry really enjoyed making these. I was so surprised at his level of focus for this task! He especially liked seeing just how many poms he could fit in the ornament. Which is quite a lot, by the way.

What holiday crafts have you or your little ones accomplished this year?

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