Monday, June 23, 2014

Me Happy


Remember me? I know it's been awhile, but life has been happening around here. Crazy, busy life.

There were a lot of moments I should have blogged. Henry pooped in the backyard, and then wanted to shovel it up (apparently paying more attention to the dogs than we thought.) William has started scooting around on his belly, but I'm doubtful he'll crawl because he's getting everywhere he needs to with his little belly method. 

You know, regular life things.
A different side of Vegas.
Mark and I took a trip to Vegas for a friend's wedding-- it was great to have some "we" time. Mark turned 30 last week, and we had a great weekend celebrating with friends and family.

Too much fun at Mark's birthday party.
But when I woke up this morning, I promised myself a blog post,  and so here I am. I'll find something to write about, I thought. Like finding something with a toddler and a baby is hard.

As I type, William is napping and Henry has just put his pants in time out. Why are your pants in time out, Henry?

Pants hit me, Mom. Hit me on my back. I didn't see his pants hit him, but I'm just gonna go ahead and trust him on this one. (Cue stern mom-voice) 2-minute time out, pants. Starting now.

The words out of his mouth lately are just hilarious. This morning we were putting together a space puzzle, and once it was complete he was pointing to everything and asking, what's this? Here's a transcript of the conversation:

H: What's this?
Mom: The Sun.

H: What's this?
Mom: Mars.

H: What's this?
Mom: Earth.

H: What's this?
Mom: Uranus.
H: My anus? Oh. Yay, myanus!

I can't make this stuff up, folks.

But sometimes its the simplest statements that are the most memorable ones. Like a couple of weeks ago, when Henry said Love you, Mommy. Or this morning when in the middle of playing a silly game, Henry looked up at me, smiling and said:

Me happy, mommy.

Me happy, too, kid. Me happy, too.


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