Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh, Henry.

I'm quite convinced that if Henry had a camera crew following him around, he would be an instant hit. Every day his wit surprises me, and most definitely makes me laugh.

The other night I went to play trivia with a friend. When I got home Henry was still awake so I played five minutes of trivia with him before he went to bed.

"How many fingers on one hand?"
"What color is the sky?"
"What letter does Helicopter start with?"
"H. Like Henry."

While we were on the trivia kick I thought I might gain some insight into the world of Henry by throwing in a few opinion questions.

"What's your favorite sport?"
"Being naked!"
Today I was threatening Henry with a time-out because he wasn't doing so well in the listening department. Lately he'll say "Shhh... don't talk!" when I'm scolding him or telling him not to do something. Since I continued with my threat he yelled, 

"I don't like you!"

Which is the first time I've heard those words from him. (Surprisingly, this didn't hurt my feelings quite as much as I thought it would.) I took the opportunity to say we shouldn't talk like that to anyone, it can really hurt someone's feelings and we can't take words back. He looked me straight in the eye when he said:

"When I don't like you, I still love you, Mama." I should note that he says "wike" for like and "wove" for love. Which only makes this 3 year old's piece of wisdom cuter.

[I laughed but I surely hope he remembers this wisdom when he's a rowdy teenager.]
Easter really resonated with Henry yesterday. He hasn't stopped talking about that bunny which he calls the "Oyster" Bunny thanks to a Bubble Guppies Episode. Today while I was finishing up lunch with William, Henry snuck away with a bag full of Reese's Pieces. I'd promised him candy after lunch, so I pretended to look the other way. He then snuck by me again (hand shielding his eyes-- the classic if he can't see me, I can't see him toddler logic) to get a basket full of empty eggs.

He was being awfully quiet in the play room (which is the first sign of trouble) so I peeked in to check on him and he immediately screamed, "You can't look at me! I'm the Oyster Bunny with a special treat for you! But you can't see my hide the eggs!" So I went back into the kitchen (I can see him from there, he just doesn't know that. He proceeded to hide the eggs and then hop out of the room. And if you know Henry at all you'll know what a hugely sweet gesture sharing something with sugar is, as opposed to just eating it all himself.

"Otay, Mommy! The Oyster Bunny is done! Go find the eggs!"

I literally couldn't find the eggs, so I loudly proclaimed, "Wow, this Easter Bunny did a great job! I can't find the eggs anywhere!"

"Maybe you should look in the toy box!"

Moral of the story is I really need to clean out the toy box because I still can't find the eggs.
"Henry, do you know what Daddy's real name is?"
"Yes, Mark!"
"Good job! Do you know what Mommy's real name is?"
"Yes, Babe!"
As my first child, experiencing Henry grow up has been nothing short of wonderful. When they are babies it's magical to see all of the firsts and have that cuddly little bundle need you so much. Then they hit one and two, and you're amazed by how much they learn and take in every day. They start walking and talking... and talking... 

And now we are well into three and I'm beginning to glimpse the person Henry will be. His big personality shining out of that little body. 

Sometimes these little things accumulate and hit me all at once in a heart-bursting moment of profound happiness. 

And I think They are only three and one. Think of all the adventures that await 

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