Wednesday, October 7, 2015

William is Two.

(c) Tiny Bubbles Photography
William. Will. Wilbur. Baby-o. Trouble Tetrick. Nugget. Whatever I call him, the fact remains: my baby boy is two today. 

This child is wild and independent, but still wants "uppy" whenever he gets the chance. He's perfected his "cheese" face. He loves what he refers to as "nakey baby" time. He does everything he sees his big brother "Henny" do, and echoes the last word of Henry's sentences. He ensures both dogs get kisses and half of his lunch everyday. He shouts, "Hey! Hey Dad! Hey!" when he's looking for someone. It's easy to make him laugh. He talks constantly, screams when being chased, and saves a naughty little grin for you when you've had a rough day. William walks through life with no fear weather walking on the edge of a couch, or attempting to ride Sparty. There are never enough books before bedtime, and never enough animals in the zoo that is his crib.

I remember the moment William was born and the doctor placed him on my chest. In all my preparation to have baby number two, I had only imagined what birth was like with Henry. So in those first few moments of his life, it was overwhelming for me to realize that here in my arms is a whole new person in the world that wasn't here before.
At two years old, the world is still infinite and limitless for William with endless possibilities. How amazing is that to imagine? William-- I wish you a full, healthy and happy life full of adventure. Happy birthday, baby-o. I love you.
(c) Tiny Bubbles Photography

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