Thursday, December 17, 2015

Does he only make boys?

Before we even had kids, Mark saw some manly man on some show say "I only make boys." He thought it was pretty hilarious and has been saying it ever since.

After Henry was a boy, I told him he got lucky-- it was a 50/50 shot. After William was a boy though... I started to believe him.

#brotherstetrick waiting for the stork
I went into baby #3 wanting a BABY-- a healthy baby. A girl would be a fun change of pace, but we have everything for a boy, and a band of brothers would be pretty adorable, too. But really, I just need a baby to cuddle, because Henry and William are so over that at most moments.

Henry went into the ultrasound saying "I just know it's a girl." William on the other hand thought it was a "kitty cat."

I was fully prepared to be a boy-mom. Which is why I asked the ultrasound tech "Are you SURE?" when she told us...


It's a girl folks. 

I think I'm in shock. I'm so used to boy everything around here... for the first hour I was mostly like, I can't believe its a girl! But slowly things are dawning on me...

What the heck are we going to name her? (Girl names are so much harder to narrow down!)

Mark gets to have a daughter!

I get to do a girl nursery!


We're very excited for this new adventure. Now quick! Send me all of your favorite girly product recommendations!

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  1. Congratulations! I'm afraid I'm not much help in the girly product recommendation category, we've mostly stuck with what most folks would consider gender-neutral or even boy stuff. Well, until Baby Fiasco got really interested in twirlers (the Purdue Golden Girl specifically) and Frozen.