Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We can all be Feminists

This is a picture of a feminist.

Do you see how average I am?

I’m not burning my bra or walking around topless.

I don’t hate men. I don’t put men down. I’m all for chivalry.

I feel respected. I am strong and independent.  

I notice differences, but I embrace them because I understand that each person comes from a different set of circumstances.

I am a feminist. But here’s the thing: I think you are, too.

Somehow, feminism got a bad reputation. So let me be clear about what feminism means:

Feminists believe in basic human rights and freedoms. Feminists believe these rights and freedoms should apply to all people regardless of sex, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual preference, language, etc.

Feminists believe human rights include civil and political rights. A right to freedom. A right to express oneself.

Feminists believe in social, cultural and economic rights including the right to participate in the world, the right to work and the right to receive an education.

Feminists believe that even if all of the above mentioned rights exist as law, that these laws must also be upheld and practiced.

Finally, a feminist believes that should the day come when these basic human rights exist and are upheld in every corning of the globe, that she is still a feminist.

To recap: if you believe in basic human rights, you are a feminist.

You may ask:

Can a feminist be a Republican? Yes.

Can a feminist be a Democrat? Yes.

Can a feminist be pro-life? Yes.

Can a feminist be pro-choice? Yes.

Can a feminist be a man? Yes.

Can a feminist be a CEO? Yes.

Can a feminist be a stay at home parent? Yes.

Can a feminist open the door for a woman? Yes.

Can a feminist wear a hijab? Yes.

Can a feminist wear a skirt? Yes.

Can a feminist live in the US? Yes.

Can a feminist live in Iraq? Syria? Russia? France? South Africa? Peru? Japan? Yes.

Can a feminist be a feminist and not even know it? YES.

You see? Now that you know what a feminist is: we can all be feminists.


I wrote these words, but I want you to have them. Please feel free to use them alongside a picture of yourself. I want the world to know that we can all be feminists. #wecanallbefeminists

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