About Me

I'm Lauren: a deep thinker who loves to laugh. I appreciate the little things, and often can't process the big things. I write to maintain sanity in my crazy, beautiful life.

I'm looking my mid-twenties in the rearview mirror, settling into life in the Chicago burbs, and all of my personalities: mommy, dog-mom, wife, domestic engineer, marketing manager, wine lover, book worm, foodie, crafter, blogger.

We are surrounded by beautiful moments and hilarious situations. And fortunately, technology puts us in a place where we can share the events of our lives with complete strangers. And strangers become friends.

And that's why I blog: to share my life and laughter, and my never ending journey towards happily ever after.

I truly love to write. Laurealism is a peek into my thoughts and a compilation of everything I love. Laughing. Family. My children. My husband. BOOKS. Authors. Quotes. Friends. Recipes. Crafts. Traveling. Outdoors. Life. All the good things.

There are SO many good things.


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I love hearing from my readers. If you have any questions or comments, that you don't want to publish on a particular post, please get in touch with me.

Similarly, I am open to reviewing books, products, services and events or hostessing giveaways, so feel free to contact me if you are interested.